Introduction to ICI

INNOVATIVE CONCEPT INVESTMENT LIMTIED ,It is an international financial asset investment management group registered in the Seychelles and headquartered in Amsterdam with branches or divisions around the world.

ICI focuses on investments in global innovation, such as finance, blockchain, AI artificial intelligence, new chemical materials, software development and more. ICI has a financial division, a blockchain division, an artificial intelligence division, a new division, and a research and development department.

Blockchain payment

Blockchain payment system

Blockchain technology is the basic technology for constructing bitcoin blockchain network and transaction information encryption transmission. It is based on cryptography and not on credit, allowing any agreed parties to pay directly, eliminating the need for third-party intermediaries.

Quantitative transaction

Blockchain quantitative trading

Blockchain quantitative trading refers to investors using computer technology, financial engineering modeling and other means to define and describe their own financial operations in a very clear way, to help investors make investment decisions, and strictly follow the rules. Set the rules to execute the trading strategy of the trading strategy (buy, sell).

According to the concept of mathematical models and the use of computer technology, quantitative trading methods can be further subdivided into Automatic Trading, Quantitative Investment, ProgramTrading, Algorithm Trading, And High Frequency Trading...

Trading advantage

Company trading advantage

By analyzing historical data and observing the return of the target (or combination) target after the emergence of certain types of "events" and "signals", when the returns exceed the benchmark returns, they will be used as a model to formulate strategies and guide subsequent investments. Moreover, the follow-up investment will be dominated by the machine, and the weakness of human greed and fear will be avoided to the greatest extent.

Analyze as much data as possible through big data to find models that deliver excess returns.

Analyze as much data as possible through big data to find models that deliver excess returns.

Each transaction does not pursue high returns but pursues a success rate. Each profit may be small, but a small amount will result in considerable returns.

Business advantage

Blockchain business advantage

A blockchain is a distributed database that is almost impossible to change. The "distributed" here is not only reflected in the distributed storage of data, but also in the distributed recording of data.

Distributed storage

Since it is based on a cryptographic algorithm rather than a credit, there is no need for a central endorsement. This is the core principle of the blockchain technology trust mechanism.

Encryption security

Taking a one-way hash algorithm, the irreversibility of time causes any attempt to invade the data information in the tamper blockchain to be easily traced, and can limit related illegal activities.

Rebuilding trust

There is no need to be similar to a centralized organization, and as the number of participating nodes increases, security will increase. Rather than being centralized, and the security is reduced.


Quantitative trading advantage


Almost all quantitative investment decisions are made based on models. There are currently three types of models: large asset allocation models, industry models, and stock models.


Mainly in the analysis of the data. There is a very comprehensive data evaluation system for data analysis of quantitative transactions. Multi-faceted data review, including data decision-making models; multi-angle evaluation of market factors


Perfect use of arbitrage ideas: Blockchain can be a market tool to help society reduce platform costs and make intermediate institutions a thing of the past; blockchain will promote the shift of the company's existing business model focus, which is expected to accelerate the company's development.

Probability win

Through the model and combined with the mathematical method, we can calculate which profit rate is higher in our previous situation, then our relative position can be heavier. It is popular to say that when you win, you win more points. When you lose, you lose less and then accumulate, and the profits are very impressive.

Platform advantage

Company platform advantage

Professional digital asset assessment team, professional business team

  • Safety. Transaction data is implemented and broadcast.
  • fast. The professional trading system guarantees a fast, high-performance API that introduces global liquidity to ensure depth.
  • profession. As a financial professional team, we provide multi-variety transactions around the world, and cryptocurrency seamlessly docks.
  • shared. And the part of the decentralized automatic operation, the benefits are shared with the community through the burning method.

Global Union Marketing Fund

ICI is based on value investment, based on rich experience, reliable income as protection, and value sharing as a breakthrough to create a quality ICI community. ICI perfectly combines the “Social Social” and “Shared Sharing” elements to successfully launch a stable, secure and rigorous business model that allows any citizen in the world to obtain investment income while gaining rich value through a social model of value. Promote revenue.

Operation team

Operation team

ICI Global Union Marketing Fund is a division of ICI's focus on quantitative trading. The core members of the investment fund operations team are from the top companies in the industry, with excellent professional competence and operational experience.

Quanty team

Market team

International research and legal team

STO team

R & D team

Fund Quantity

Base amount

According to the market activity and depth of the sale, the amount is limited, while stocks last.

First period

30000ETH (high yield 5%)

Second period

71000ETH (midium income 3%)

Third period

280000ETH (regular income 1.8%)


Digital Money Business Application Outlook

In the next five years, there will be a full-scale outbreak of blockchain technology. Next we will provide the full industrial layout of the blockchain.

Specific business applications such as consumer finance and derivative finance

The digital monetization of financial services is to use a reliable database to record various information, maintain monitoring of the transfer and use of each fund, and make the transaction data and transaction records credible and traceable.

Collateral has no right to digitize

Using digital currency to lend loans and building a digital process will streamline the bank and increase efficiency, and the digital mortgage application process can be built and processed in the cloud in an automated manner.

Bill finance and supply chain finance

The use of blockchain trading will make bills, funds, financial planning and other related information more transparent. With smart contracts, both parties can not forge and open unique electronic contracts, directly realize peer-to-peer value transfer, prevent one-selling and sell more, and track in time.

Fast, economical and secure payment settlement

In the future, the point-to-point payment method created by digital currency and blockchain technology will save the intermediate links of third-party financial institutions, help reduce the risk of shared charging funds and meet the timeliness and convenience of shared charging for payment clearing services.

Team strength

Team strength

The ICI team was founded in April 2016. The founding team and core members have worked for Wall Street Hedge Fund, JP Morgan Chase Investment Bank, Barclays Quantitative Department, Deloitte FAS Department and other world-renowned investment institutions. The team members have many years of investment and financing, securities and futures. , fund industry experience. Most of the early investors who are also digital currencies, the current quantitative arbitrage model and trend trading model independently developed by the team have been running for more than 10 months and have achieved remarkable results.

Hyder Jaffrey
Founder of the ICI R&D team

is the CEO of the ICI. He graduated from Harvard University and is leading the operation of ICI projects. With more than 20 years of financial experience, working for many years at Barclays, familiar with risk analysis in the financial sector, he led the team to develop and successfully launch large blockchain projects.                 

Leonard Knox
Head of Blockchain Technology, ICI R&D Team

Head of Blockchain Technology at the ICI R&D team, Master of Finance from George Washington University, has been a Goldman Sachs Group company for many years. Mr. Leonardo has 15 years of experience in technology research and development and financial advisory services. He once led the team to carry out blockchain technology management, statistics and analysis, and promoted the informationization of blockchain technology. He has complete experience in blockchain technology asset management and has mature blockchain technology management and R&D experience.

Milo Masson
Director of Market Value Management, ICI R&D Team

Director of Market Value Management of ICI R&D Team, graduated from the University of Melbourne's Business School in Australia, with extensive research and data analysis experience in corporate operations and digital assets. Through cooperation with corporate organizations, we design and develop a comprehensive service plan for market value management. We have rich practical experience in macro-strategy and individual stock research in financial markets. We have worked for JP Morgan Chase for many years and have successful cases of market value management and capital operation.

Nigel Nevin
Director of Risk Control at ICI R&D Team

The Risk Management Director of the ICI R&D team is responsible for the risk management aspects of the team and assists the team in implementing a comprehensive risk management framework, including risk strategy development and risk -based rule optimization. He is good at analyzing credit risk, operational risk and liquidity risk of the project. With many years of experience in data maintenance and optimization, he has successfully developed data products required by the company for the Wall Street Hedge Fund. With unique mathematical analysis ability and data -work experience, he is the key personnel in the Company's product design, risk evaluation and risk policy development .

Future plan

Future plan

ICI will realize the blockchain industry-wide layout in the next three years

Stage 1
Main chain
  • Blockchain
  • Main chain construction
Stage 2
Payment instrument
  • Blockchain
  • Payment tool development
Stage 3
  • Blockchain
  • Exchange plate
Stage 4
Game application
  • Blockchain
  • Game application field
Stage 5
Investment fund
  • Blockchain
  • Investment fund aspect
Stage 6
Chat Tools
  • Blockchain
  • Chat tool development
Stage 7
Round Table Knights Club
  • Blockchain
  • High-end social circles
Stage 8
  • Blockchain
  • Mine activity
Stage 9
Blockchain technology
  • Blockchain
  • Blockchain technology public beta platform
Stage 10
Financial media
  • Blockchain
  • Financial media news
Stage 11
Information agency
  • Blockchain
  • Information agency certification
Stage 12
Pass issue, candy distribution platform
  • Blockchain
  • Passport platform

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With its own advantages and forward-looking and keen eye, ICI constantly explores high-quality financial enterprises or teams from all over the world, and uses its unique business operation model to continuously integrate more and more trade models into the social public group and expand rapidly to the capital market. Constantly improve the new height of profit.

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